Bobcat Mascot


The Bobcat has been the mascot of Texas State University since 1921. The university adopted the name based on the recommendation of a committee formed to raise school spirit, which was led by the head of the Biology Department, Dr. C. Spurgeon Smith. Smaller than mountain lions, bobcats are known for their stubborn fierceness and great courage.

Coach Strahan once said, "A bobcat will fight you with everything he has; with four claws, teeth, speed and brains."

Texas State was the only college in the country to use this name for its athletic teams until the late 1920s, when Montana State also adopted the bobcat as their mascot.


In 1964 the Texas State Bobcat was given the official name of "Boko" by Beth Greenlees, a sophomore from Luling, Texas, who beat out about 100 other students in a "Name the Bobcat" contest, sponsored by Phi Delta Gamma sorority, now Alpha Xi Delta.

Her winning submission earned her a $5 prize and the honor of being the individual who named the Texas State mascot

Boko has twice been named “USA National Champion” mascot.