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Fall 2018 Application to Teach US 1100

In which division do you work? (If you are faculty, your division is Provost/VP Academic Affairs)
STAFF ONLY: If you are a full-time staff member, your position must be classified as EXEMPT to be eligible to teach. If you are unsure of your status, you may contact HR at 512-245-2557 to confirm.
FACULTY ONLY: What is your classification? Your classification impacts the number of US 1100 sections you may teach.

► You must have an earned Master's degree or higher to teach US 1100.

Please select your highest degree attained *
Were you a first generation college student? *
Have you previously taught US 1100 at Texas State? (i.e. listed as the instructor of record) *

If you are a returning instructor, please complete A and D.

If you are applying as a new instructor, please complete B, C, D and E.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Freshmen residing in living-learning communities (LLCs) have the opportunity to co-enroll in academic courses including US 1100. While it is not guaranteed that every LLC section will be more engaged than traditional sections, most instructors report high levels of engagement and camaraderie because the students live together. For more information about LLCs, view the website at

Are you interested in teaching a Living-Learning Community (LLC) section? *

If you are a full-time staff member teaching for another department on campus, there are limits on how many classes you are allowed to teach:

For unclassified/exempt staff employed on a full-time basis, the following apply:
a. Unclassified/Exempt staff may teach one three-hour or four-hour class per each long semester on campus during normal working hours with supervisory approval as well as concurrence from the appropriate divisional vice president. They may not receive compensation for teaching this class, unless they use vacation or compensatory time to cover the teaching hours or the supervisor modified the employee's work schedule around the teaching hours. In addition to the three-hour or four-hour class noted above, an exempt staff member may also teach one one-hour section of University Seminar subject to the same schedule adjustment provisions.

Note: These staff may not perform teaching-related activities such as prep work, grading papers, reviewing the syllabus, or any other related activities during normal working hours.

UPPS on University Classification and Compensation