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Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal (TXSTUR)

Welcome to the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal!

The Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal, otherwise known as TXSTUR, is Texas State University's biannual, multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal. The journal provides an outlet for undergraduate students of all disciplines to publish their original research. All articles are peer-reviewed for quality and accuracy by an editorial board and experts on each subject. The journal is currently published online through Texas Digital Library, and is now pursuing a print publication.

Submitting to TXSTUR

In order to begin the submission process, the student will need to submit their one-page abstract or letter of proposal to by the deadline posted on the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal website. Please allow 1-2 business days for an editor to respond with confirmation of your submission. Once the abstract is received the TXSTUR editorial board will review it during a period of a week. If the editorial board approves the abstract an editor will request the full-length article for further review. For a more detailed explanation of the submission process, take a look at the TXSTUR Style Guide posted under resources.

For any further questions, please don't hesitate to email