How to Apply

1.  For an exceptional NSE experience, research is the key. Stop by the NSE office to look at our display and pick up an NSE directory of participating colleges and universities, or view the web-based NSE directory (pdf). The directory has a wealth of information including a listing and description of each NSE campus and major areas of study.

2.  You can further explore the list of participating NSE colleges and universities online. Click "Campus Members in U.S. & Canada" in the navigation panel to the left for information.

3.  Once you find a college or university you are interested in, check that college or university for major courses. See "Campus Majors" and "Undergraduate Catalogs" links in the navigation panel to the left.

4.  When you have researched and decided on a host school with alternative choices, fill out an application in our office (starting in October 2016). The application fee is $200 (a one-time fee). During the application process you must seek a recommendation for entrance into the program. When the entire process is complete, our NSE staff may conduct a short interview and you will be notified of acceptance. Information sessions will guide you through choosing transfer courses, and materials will be provided to help you ease into the program. 

Note: Listing more than one school choice on your application is imperative. First choice institution placements cannot be guaranteed.