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Declaring the BGS Major

Who is best suited for BGS

You should understand that there really is nothing "general" about a General Studies major.  The objective of the BGS is to help each student who enters the program develop a unique career goal that is matched by three Texas State minors.  Those best suited for the BGS either have a career goal which is not well supported by a traditional Texas State major or that traditional major or major/minor is not the best option.  Others may be undecided or unclear about career choice but are willing to make the decisions that will lead to a clear career/degree plan with linked minors.  

What BGS is like

The BGS starts with GNST 3350, a course that helps you learn how to assess your talents, match them with potential careers, and maximize or choose Texas State minors to best prepare you for the requirements of the career.  Then you get practice (interviewing, resumes, cover letters, etc.) in marketing yourself.  Following completion of most of the courses in your three minors, the final BGS course (GNST 4350) challenges you to make use of your education in tailoring a research-based project that innovatively contributes to your career, incorporates all three of your minors, and gives you a good "prop" to use in a job interview.

Note: Both BGS courses have limited enrollment. Be aware that if you are not in good academic standing, you will not be able to enter the major, and if you are not in good current academic standing, you will not be able to register for either GNST 3350 or GNST 4350.


A 30-minute Information Session is required for all students seeking to learn more about a major in General Studies. These are scheduled about once every two weeks (more often during registration/orientation.)  BGS faculty/staff will provide information regarding the requirements and criteria needed to successfully enter and complete the major.  Note: This is not an academic advising session, so detailed analysis of your transcript will not take place.


The session schedule is subject to change.

after the info session

If you are still interested in entering the BGS, you will fill out a BGS Interest Form that will ask you to answer five, more detailed, questions about your goals and career aspirations.  After your response is examined, a personal interview will be scheduled with a BGS faculty/staff member to make a mutual determination of whether or not you and the degree are a good match.  If so, you will be sent on to a BGS academic advisor to start making your registration plans.  

However, even with the large number of minors available at Texas State, your interests may occasionally not mesh well with our resources and the BGS may not be an appropriate choice.  If that is the case, we will recommend GNST 3150, a twice-a-semester course designed to encourage you to examine your goals and talents, and to match them with careers as well as Texas State degree programs.