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The BGS Undergraduate Curriculum


Program Requirements

  • 3 Texas State minors
  • 2 General Studies courses
  • Other core and degree requirements as stipulated by Texas State
  • Complete 12 advanced hours in each minor, no substitutions from requirements
  • 2.25 Texas State GPA for each minor, all minor courses and BGS courses must be a 'C' or higher
  • Minimum of 120 degree hours

Career Opportunities

Majoring in General Studies offers a wide variety of employment options. Students challenge themselves to investigate, examine, and synthesize individual subject areas. This analysis provides skills that are attractive to potential employers. The General Studies courses will help students identify connections among their personal interests, three chosen minors, and career options.

BGS Advising Syllabus

The BGS Advising syllabus is an official document between the student and the BGS advisors. The BGS advisors will honor what is listed in the BGS advising syllabus and we expect for BGS students to do the same. Please refer to the syllabus before declaring the BGS major and as needed thereafter.


GNST 3350--Interdisciplinary Preparation
This course will include a variety of assignments designed to encourage self-analysis of career/intellectual interests, career planning, and selection of component minors and minor course selections for the BGS major. Students will also develop an interdisciplinary course plan incorporating three Texas State minors and/or an initial proposal for topic, format and audience of the Interdisciplinary Project to be completed in GNST 4350. Prerequisite: Declared BGS major, Instructor approval, minimum Texas State GPA of 2.0.

GNST 4350--Interdisciplinary Project (WI)
In this course, each student completes a project that incorporates all the disciplines from his or her individualized program. The project consists of research, literature reviews and information analysis, resulting in a written or media product. Prerequisite: GNST 3350, instructor approval, minimum Texas State GPA of 2.0.


For advising purposes only.   Not official unless confirmed by your University College advisor.

Click here to access minor checksheets


A note about excluded minor combinations:

Though the major is interdisciplinary and based on three minors as defined by the Texas State catalog, certain minor combinations may not be allowed if coursework is duplicative. A course may be counted toward more than one minor only if it is specifically required by those minors.



Dr. Kambra Bolch, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
University College
UAC Suite 146
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Dr. Jeremy Roethler, Senior Lecturer and Program Coordinator
University College
UAC 140
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Lisa Chrans, M.A., Senior Lecturer
University College
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Temple Carter, M.Ed., Senior Lecturer
University College
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Alexis Guerrero, Administrative Assistant III
University College
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For more information, or to declare a General Studies major, contact:

University College Advising Center
Office: Undergraduate Academic Center (UAC) 120, East Lobby
Phone: 512.245.2218
Fax: 512.245.8765