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Faculty & Staff

Office of the Dean

Daniel A. Brown Dean, University College; Director, PACE Center db70@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Michael E. Nava Associate Dean, Student Services nava@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
David C. Nelson Associate Dean; Director, General Studies dn04@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Laurie Hindson Assistant Dean; Director, Athletic Academic Center lh35@txstate.edu 512.245.2978
Michelle L. Bohn Senior Administrative Assistant mb1152@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Twister Marquiss Senior Lecturer; Director, Common Reading twister@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Larita "Kay" McCarty Administrative Assistant II lm67@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Chris Medina Administrative Assistant II cam6@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Stephanie Miller Student Development Specialist, PACE Outreach sp1106@txstate.edu 512.245.7223
Sarah Pivonka Academic Budget Specialist sp15@txstate.edu 512.245.4580
Ernest Villalpando System Support Specialist II ev1032@txstate.edu 512.245.3579

Advise TX

Mike Barrera Program Director, Advise TX mrb174@txstate.edu 512.245.3579

Athletic Academic Center

Laurie Hindson Assistant Dean; Director, Athletic Academic Center lh35@txstate.edu 512.245.2978
John Anderson Director, CHAMPS Life Skills Program john.anderson@txstate.edu 512.245.2978
Matt Phelps Associate Director, Athletic Academic Center pp27@txstate.edu 512.245.2978
Jessica Field Administrative Assistant II jf1374@txstate.edu 512.245.2978
Bethany Ulman Student Development Specialist blu2@txstate.edu 512.245.2978
Kelsey Woodward Student Development Specialist kw43@txstate.edu 512.245.2978

General Studies

David C. Nelson Associate Dean; Director, General Studies dn04@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Lisa J. Chrans Senior Lecturer lc19@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Temple M. Carter Senior Lecturer tc21@txstate.edu 512.245.3579

PACE Advising Center

Angelica M. Barrera Director, PACE Advising Center amb174@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Claudia L. Trevino Academic Advisor II ct27@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Chuck Lamar Student Development Specialist el1110@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Lindsay Stadter Student Development Specialist lac9@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Staci Perez Strauch Student Development Specialist sp41@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Robert A. Bryant Academic Advisor I rb1330@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Georgeann Calzada Academic Advisor I g_c122@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Juan F. Castillo Academic Advisor I jfc47@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Lauren Fairley Academic Advisor I lg1255@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Chanell Goodright Academic Advisor I cg1365@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Marc Jimenez Academic Advisor I muj2@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Taylor Jones Academic Advisor I tj46983@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Ashley McCall Academic Advisor I am1601@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Terrance McClain Academic Advisor I tjm80@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
JaCorey Mosely Academic Advisor I jlm363@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Jeanette M. Pacheco Academic Advisor I jp1087@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE

PACE Career Exploration

Catarina E. Dominguez Career Counselor, PACE Career Services ced47@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Mason M. Murphy Career Counselor, PACE Career Services mmm210@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Thadra Vrubel Career Counselor, PACE Career Services tv1048@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE

PACE Mentoring & Academic Coaching

Michael E. Nava Associate Dean; Director, PACE Mentoring nava@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
April S. Barnes Assistant Director, PACE Mentoring ab47@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE
Victoria G. Black Assistant Director, PACE Mentoring vg13@txstate.edu 512.245.PACE

Texas Success Initiative Program

Jacqueline Cooper Director, Texas Success Initiative Program jc41@txstate.edu 512.245.3942
Julie A. Laumer Administrative Assistant III jm19@txstate.edu 512.245.3942

Title V Program

Herminio Ibáñez Director, Title V Program h_i7@txstate.edu 512.245.5102
Norma Arredondo Academic Coaching Coordinator na17@txstate.edu 512.245.5102
Ryanne Early Academic Coaching Coordinator rd1121@txstate.edu 512.245.5102
Burel J. Ford Student Development Specialist bf20@txstate.edu 512.245.5102
Anna M. Moczygemba Student Development Specialist am37@txstate.edu 512.245.5102
Tracie Godfrey Administrative Assistant II tmg55@txstate.edu 512.245.5102

University College Advising Center

Amelia I. Beck Supervisor, University College Advising Center ab20@txstate.edu 512.245.2218
Jaimie Haider Academic Advisor II jrr141@txstate.edu 512.245.2218
Jessica Luhn Academic Advisor I jll181@txstate.edu 512.245.2218
Michelle Sotolongo Academic Advisor I ms84@txstate.edu 512.245.2218
Matthew Torres Academic Advisor I mdt55@txstate.edu 512.245.2218

University Seminar

Daniel A. Brown Dean; Interim Director, University Seminar db70@txstate.edu 512.245.3579
Susan M. Rolls Associate Director sr30@txstate.edu 512.245.7952
Chloe-Ann J. Carson Lecturer cc43@txstate.edu 512.245.7952
Dorothy Evans Lecturer de03@txstate.edu 512.245.7952
Dana J. Holmes Lecturer dh41@txstate.edu 512.245.7952
Billi London-Gray Lecturer bl27@txstate.edu 512.245.7952
Michelle Lopez Lecturer ml32@txstate.edu 512.245.7952
Michael Miller Lecturer mm77@txstate.edu 512.245.7952