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Vision and Mission

Tutor Corps


Tutor Corps seeks to become a premier academic support service assisting professional military service members (active duty and veterans) in becoming professional students able to be academically successful in college. 


Tutor Corps assists veterans in achieving academic success by providing a veteran-to-veteran peer tutoring program.  The peer tutoring program is a multitiered approach: first, providing academic assistance and, second, facilitating social support for veterans.  Academic assistance concentrates on study skills and difficult content areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Business, and Writing.  Additionally, tutors serve as guides for student-veterans, providing social assistance as required by sharing personal success experiences or assisting veterans to connect with veteran resources in the university and surrounding community.

A primary focal point is veterans who are within their first three semesters of collegiate education when the challenge can be the most difficult for student-veterans in their transition from military service to college.

Core Tasks:

  • Provide academic assistance to student veterans in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Business, and Writing
  • Directly refer student veterans to study skills services
  • Guide and socially support student veterans through the sharing of personal success experiences or direct referral to veteran resources
  • Assist student veterans during their first three semesters as they transition from military service to academic pursuits