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DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST)

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If you are considering taking a DSST or DANTES Subject Standardized Test, please read our Policies page for further information.

The waiting period to retake an exam is 90 days.

The Testing, Research-Support & Evaluation Center (TREC) is an open center for DSST testing. Currently, TREC offers 39 subject level exams (see info below for the DSST Public Speaking exam*). The DSST requires an $80 fee for each test**, which may be paid by debit/credit card only. In addition, Texas State University requires an administration fee for DSST testing of $40. The Texas State University administration fee may be paid by credit card or money order (payable to Texas State University). This fee is collected upon arrival at TREC.

Note: TREC cannot provide refunds for any fees or other payments beyond one week from the date of payment.

DSST requires one of the following types of personal picture identification: Texas State Student ID, Driver’s License, State or Federal ID, Passport, Military ID, Naturalization Card, or Tribal ID.

Students with disabilities who may require accommodations must contact the Office of Disability Services (512.245.3451) prior to taking the test. Verification of disability will be required. All examinees who require accommodations must complete an Exam Request Form to test at our facility at least two weeks prior to the desired exam date by clicking here. Requests will be processed within two business days

For DSST testing times, see Testing Lab Hours. Please note that the DSST allows 2 hours for most exams.

Most academic departments at Texas State University do not award credit for DSST scores. Please see the web pages of the Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies department for DSST exams they accept.

If you have taken any DSST exams elsewhere and wish to have your scores reported to Texas State, the score recipient code is 9320.

For test preparation and study information, visit

Public Speaking Exam

* Effective October 13, 2016: TREC can now offer the DSST Public Speaking exam. The exam consists of two portions: a multiple-choice section with a 90-minute time limit and a speaking portion with a 20-minute time limit (includes preparation time). An appointment is required to take the Public Speaking exam. To set an appointment, please email with your preferred date and time.

** The test fee is subject to change based on DSST policy. Please check their website or contact them for the current price.

For additional information about DSST, visit: