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Quantitative Methods Websites

Resources for learning more about statistics including programming examples

Numerous topics in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Each topic provides information on key concepts, assumptions, frequently asked questions, and a bibliography. Many of the quantitative topics include examples using SPSS.

Data analysis examples using Stata, SPSS, SAS, MPlus, R, and more. Topics include: Regression models, models for Binary and Categorical outcomes, Count models, Censored and Truncated Regression, Multivariate Analysis, and Power Analysis/Sample size.

Information about a wide variety of statistical data analysis topics and links to additional resources. Examines the use of computers in statistical data analysis, lists related books, and provides links to related Web sites.

Free tutorials, articles, and calculators for statistical computation on probability, distributions, categorical frequency data, ordinal data, correlation/regression, t-tests, and analysis of variance/covariance.

Over 600 links to webpages that perform statistical calculations (interactive stats); free software; books, journals, and manuals; demonstrations and tutorials; and resources for statistical computation. The downloadable software packages include, but are not limited to: OpenStat, Vista, PSPP, OpenEpi, Statext, MicrOsiris, Gnumeric, Statist, Tanagra, Dap, PAST, Instant Plus, WinIDAMS, and SSP.

Interactive calculators, mediation material, moderation material, and supplemental material including SPSS and SAS macros, LESREL, Mplus, and Mx syntax, and example data.

From the UCLA department of Academic Technology Services (ATS), this website covers the major statistical packages of SAS, SPSS, Stata, HLM, LEM, LatentGOLD, LaTeX, Limdep, MlwiN, Mplus, R, Statistica, Stat/Transfer, SUDAAN, and WesVar. The site is mainly meant for statisticians and researchers but can help anyone who wants to use these packages. The site offers data analysis examples and outputs for each package as well as links to other statistical resources such as books, articles, tutorials, and software update information. The link also from the UCLA department of Academic Technology Services (ATS) takes users immediately to a website that offers assistance and guidance with the above listed statistical programs. Included is a list of additional website links that offer similar assistance for these major packages.