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The Texas State Credit-By-Examination Policies

  • For the Texas State University Policies and Procedures statement about the CLEP, see PPS 3.08.
  • Credit-by-exam will be accepted as "credit only" (CR) and will not affect students cumulative GPA.
  • Credit-by-exam satisfies degree requirements in the same way as does credit earned by passing courses except that is does not count as credit earned in residence.
  • Students may retake an exam only after 3 months have elapsed. Certain credit examinations may have a limit in the number of attempts permitted.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to earn credit by examination will not be recorded.
  • Any prerequisites for a course must be satisfied prior to the examination in that course.
  • The credit-by-exam program requires the passing of a nationally normed or local test such as CLEP, AP, or a departmental exam or a combination.
  • Credit-by-exam performance standards are set by the department in which the courses are taught. These standards hold university wide and cannot be raised or lowered by other departments or schools.
  • If a department chooses not to award course credit for their course on the basis of CLEP exams, no other Program, department or school can accept CLEP scores for that course.
  • Texas State will support the award of credit for the College Board Advanced Placement Program. However, departments are responsible for selecting the courses to receive credit and the appropriate cut-off scores.
  • Transcripted credit earned via credit by exam by students transferring to Texas State will be evaluated for transfer eligibility in the same manner as other traditional course credit.
  • College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP) and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests may be taken at locations other than Texas State University-San Marcos. However, credit awarded will be based upon Texas State's criteria and required scores.
  • Special circumstances regarding credit-by-examination taken at Texas State will be considered by the department and the Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center (TEMC) on an individual student basis. Special circumstances regarding the transfer of credit-by-examination to Texas State will be considered by the department, TEMC, and the Office of Admissions on an individual student basis.
  • Each department will have the opportunity to review its credit-by-examination procedures (i.e., tests being used, pass/fail rates and cut-off scores) on an annual basis. However, formal procedural changes will be made every two years with the implementation of the new catalog. Cut-off scores may change without prior notice.
  • Contact Occupational Education concerning credit by examination under that program.

  • Students with disabilities who may require accommodations must contact the Office of Disability Services (512.245.3451) prior to taking the test. Verification of disability will be required.
  • It is the responsibility of the examinee to inform the proctor on duty in the testing lab prior to the start of any test of any accommodations that need to be applied.
  • All examinees who require accommodations must complete an Exam Request Form to test at our facility at least two weeks prior to the desired exam date. Requests will be processed within two business days. Please note our testing lab hours and available start times for the exam you wish to take when selecting your appointment time and make sure to take into account additional time you may need.