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Claiming Credit

Students who have credit eligible scores (e.g., CLEP scores that are high enough to earn CR for one or more courses) are responsible for ensuring that their credit is posted to their transcript. Once a student claims credit at the Testing Center, the Testing Center will report the credit to the Registrar’s Office where it will become part of the student’s official academic record. Applying the credit to the student’s Texas State transcript may take up to three weeks (exception: the CLEP College Composition test may take up to six weeks).

Students who attempt a credit-bearing exam (CBE) in the TEMC testing lab will submit a CBE Registration Form prior to testing. When this form is submitted in combination with a passing score on the relevant exam, the exam date will be considered the date that credit is claimed.

For CLEP exams taken at other testing centers, TEMC will consider the date that official score reports are received as the date that credit is claimed, unless the student submits a CBE Registration Form and a photocopy of the unofficial score report with a passing score prior to that, in which case the date of receipt of those two documents will be considered the date of the claim. The CBE Registration Form can be requested by email at When taking CLEP at another testing center, the student should select Texas State as the official score recipient. CLEP will send the official score report to TEMC.

The claiming deadlines for credit to be applied to each session are:

Spring: the last business day of May
Summer: the last business day prior to the start of the Fall Semester
Fall: the last business day of December

Graduating seniors who need CBE credit to meet their graduation requirements should check with their program’s office to find out if they have deadlines that precede these.

Claiming credit for an examination/course that does not apply toward your degree plan may make you ineligible for a tuition rebate. See the Fees and Expenses page of the Undergraduate Catalog for information on the tuition rebate and consult with your academic advisor if you have questions.