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ATSD Resources for Faculty

ATSD Testing Resources for Faculty

ODS approved testing accommodations can be provided for any student with a disability by the Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities (ATSD).  Accommodations may also be provided by a faculty member, instructor of a course, or the designee of an instructor.  If an instructor chooses to administer an in-class assessment, then he or she is responsible for providing the student with all relevant accommodations approved by the Office of Disability Services (ODS).  If the in-class assessment is to be administered by ATSD, then the instructor must adhere to the policies and procedures listed in the Instructor Testing Guidelines document.

This document is also a resource to find information on the following:

  • ATSD Policies
  • Testing Start Times
  • Student Responsibility for Scheduling
  • Instructor Role for ATSD Testing
  • Providing Assessments to ATSD
  • Receiving Completed Assessment Packets

ATSD Important Testing Documents

Eligible Assessments for ATSD Administration

ATSD proctors assessments that are administered on campus for a class.  For example, students taking an online course where the instructor administers the exams on campus would be eligible to take those exams at ATSD.  Take home exams are ineligible unless the student cannot access his/her testing accommodations (e.g., Student needs a reader, but does not have access to text-to-speech software at home).  All questions as to whether or not an assessment is eligible for administration at the ATSD office should be directed to the ATSD Supervisor.