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Internship Information

Through the industrial internship program in the Department of Engineering Technology, students gain relevant first-hand experiences while working in industry. The nature of the internship is outlined at the outset of employment. Student evaluations are made based upon successful completion of planned experiences. One requirement of the internship places the responsibility of finding an internship position upon the student. The internship coordinator and the faculty will assist the student. However, the primary responsibility for seeking and finding the internship lies with the student. The internship provides the student with the following:

  • skill in seeking employment
  • experience from working in a real work job
  • employment possibilities after graduation
  • refined problem-solving skills
  • aids in transition from student to professional

Finding an internship position is the responsibility of the student just as it will be the responsibility of the student to find a job after graduation. The potential intern should seek an internship position that will offer the greatest benefit after graduation. Larger companies with nationally recognized names may provide more diverse internship experiences than smaller companies. However, smaller companies may be able to provide more individual assistance to an intern.

Student Teaching

Bachelor of science in technology students seeking a teaching certificate will teach for one semester under an experienced industrial technology instructor in the public schools. These students should stay in close contract with their advisor to determine when they are qualified for student teaching and how to locate a student teaching position.

Cooperative Learning (COOPs)

COOPs are an option for students working for a bachelor of science in manufacturing engineering degree. During a COOP, students can spend one or more semesters working for a company to gain experience. Students should consult with their advisor to determine if they are eligible and how to locate a COOP.

Career Services

The Texas State Career Services Office provides assistance to undergraduates, graduate students and alumni who seek help in formulating and implementing career plans. They also assist current students in finding available internships in their major or minor. Various programs and workshops are offered each semester to assist students who are selecting a major or trying to relate educational experiences to employment opportunities.

They also assist employers who want to know more about the more than 29,000 high-caliber students at Texas State, their fields of study and how to recruit them. Contact them by calling 512.245.2645.


Mandatory meetings are typically held on the first Wednesdays of October and February.  Watch for emails and/or posters posted through out the Roy F. Mitte building advertising the time and place.