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National Steering Committee - CIM

The accrediting body for CIM is the National Steering Committee (NSC) for Concrete Industry Management.

The CIM program at Texas State is accredited by the National Steering Committee.

Mission of the CIM Program

The CIM program at Texas State University aspires to be a nationally recognized student-centered, industry-oriented program that produces exceptional graduates that are knowledgeable in concrete technology and techniques, and capable of managing people and systems to promote products, services and devices related to the concrete industry.

There are only four universities in the nation that offer the CIM BS degree.  Those universities include California State University at Chico, Middle Tennessee State University (oldest program), New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Texas State University (newest program).  Texas State is the only program fully funded by its state university system.

General information about CIM, and about the NSC, can be found at: