The American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) is the body that accredits construction and construction management programs. ACCE was established in 1974 to be a leading global advocate of quality construction education, and to promote, support, and accredit quality construction education programs around the world.

In February 2013, The Board of Trustees of the American Council for Construction Education announced the accreditation of the Construction Science and Management program at Texas State University.  The program has maintained the stringent standards of ACCE, and has proven to the Board of Trustees, through a visiting team of its peers and industry practitioners, that the program is worthy of accreditation.

At the time of accreditation, the CSM program was the third out of 11 construction programs in Texas and the 70th in the nation to receive this designation.

The accreditation standards for ACCE may be found at

Below is our ACCE Final Self Evaluation Study dated July 2012: 

Construction Science and Management Mission Statement

The Mission of the Construction Science and Management program is to achieve a nationally recognized, student-centered, industry-oriented, construction program that prepares graduates to become outstanding future leaders, well versed in relevant management practices, current construction techniques and in the conduct of applied research.

From this Mission Statement, seven “Program Outcomes” were developed to support the above mission. They are:

Outcome Number 1
Students will demonstrate technical knowledge and skills acquired through the study of the construction discipline.

Outcome Number 2
Students will demonstrate an understanding of construction processes.

Outcome Number 3
Students will demonstrate effective communication skills through the successful execution of both graphic communication and written papers.

Outcome Number 4
Students will recognize the need for engagement in lifelong learning.

Outcome Number 5
Students will demonstrate strong leadership, management and teamwork skills.

Outcome Number 6
Students will apply modern technology to solve construction related problems.

Outcome Number 7
Students will recognize and apply high professional practices and ethical standards.