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Construction Science & Management Public Information

Program Mission

Construction Science and Management Mission Statement

The Mission of the Construction Science and Management program is to achieve a nationally recognized, student-centered, industry-oriented, construction program that prepares graduates to become outstanding future leaders, well versed in relevant management practices, current construction techniques and methods used to construct the built environment.

Program Outcomes

From this Mission Statement, these ten “Program Outcomes” were developed to support the above mission:

Outcome Number 1
Students will an understanding of construction fundamentals.

Outcome Number 2
Students will demonstrate an understanding of construction processes.

Outcome Number 3
Students will apply effective communication skills.

Outcome Number 4
Students will understand project risk management and project control processes.

Outcome Number 5
Students will demonstrate strong leadership, management and teamwork skills.

Outcome Number 6
Students will apply modern technology to solve construction related problems.

Outcome Number 7
Students will recognize and apply high professional practices, sustainability and ethical standards.

Outcome Number 8
Students will demonstrate an understanding and application of construction building systems.

Outcome Number 9
Students will demonstrate an understanding of construction business fundamentals.

Outcome Number 10
Students will demonstrate and understanding of safety plans and quality assurance protocols.

Program Goals and Objectives

Program Assessment Tools

Program Delivery Assessment

             Direct Measures

1.      Reviews from the Senior Capstone Course TECH 4360.

2.      Review of individual course notebooks.

3.      Review of each Instructor’s “Course Assessment and Improvement Plan”

using both subjective and objective methods of measurement.

4.      Review of Program Assessment by way of Course Learning Outcomes.

5.      Construction Advisory Board’s review of the Construction Program.

6.      Construction Program Coordinator’s assessment of the progress

made in meeting the program’s Mission, Strategic Plan and Construction

Program Outcomes.

Indirect Measures

1.      Alumni Survey Results – (Graduating Seniors) conducted once a year by the University.

2.      Construction Alumni Survey (conducted every three years by the department).

3.      TECH 4390 Final Self-Evaluation Internship Assignment.

4.      TECH 4390 Learning Outcome Assessment – Student Self-Evaluations.

5.   TECH 4390 Learning Outcome Assessment – Industrial Supervisor’s Evaluation.

6.   TECH 4390 Internship Company Supervisor’s Evaluation of Intern.

7.   TECH 4360 Senior Capstone Grading Criterion.

8.   Employers Evaluation of Texas State University Construction Science and Management Employee.

Assessment Results and Improvement Plan

Please refer to the below Program Coordinator's Annual Report (2010-2011 Program Assessment Report). 
Note:  This year's annual report is in-process.

Student Achievements

Student Awards (PDF, 67 KB)
Scholarships (PDF, 65 KB)

Program Admission Requirements

Entrance requirements to Texas State University-San Marcos for students with no previous college experience are: 

1)      Required SAT I or ACT test scores and high school class rank.

2)      Satisfy general admission requirements.

3)      Submit the Apply Texas Application which includes an essay.

4)      Submit official high school transcript.

Please visit the University Catalog for more details.