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What is the SLAC Lab?

The SLAC Lab is a place where tutoring is provided by students specializing in accounting, science, writing, statistics, history, math, and more. SLAC’s tutoring is given on a drop-in basis, so no appointment is required. The lab is equipped with an instructional computer lab staffed by peer tutors for help in CIS, computer science, and other subjects requiring computer-aided instruction. Online tutoring is available for writing at Handouts on study skills development such as taking notes and tests, reducing procrastination, managing time, and utilizing textbooks are available in the lab as well as on SLAC’s web site. The lab and its web site feature test preparation materials for the GSP, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and THEA. Finally, the lab has a list of names and contact information of qualified persons who can be hired for private tutoring.
Please check this web site for our tutors’ schedules and the times the lab is open. If the course you are taking is not listed here, please give us a call at 245-2996 (lab phone) or 245-2515 (office phone), and ask if any of our tutors can help you in the subject(s) in which you are experiencing difficulty.