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Tutor Application

General Information

Position Preference (May apply for all three positions but can hold only one). *

Have you worked on campus previously?
Are you currently employed on campus?
Do you have Work Study?

Content Areas

List subject areas you wish to tutor.


WORK EXPERIENCE (paid and volunteer)


References may be submitted by e-mail, written document, or by using the attached form. No telephone calls, please.
You must submit at least one faculty reference for each subject area. Please ask the persons completing references for you to click on the electronic reference form link below and fill out the form. They will then send the reference electronically. A hard copy is not necessary, but if you need a blank form, click on the print reference form link below. You may also include references completed by faculty members other than those in your content area or from a student who holds a position of responsibility (SLAC Lab Tutor, RA, officer of a club). Please submit at least three completed references.

If you, the prospective tutor, are not a student or are a first semester transfer student, one professional reference relevant to the academic subject area is acceptable. If you are a teaching assistant, graduate, undergraduate assistant, or course grader, submit written approval from your department chair.

Please list the names of the references you have asked to complete and return the forms.


Answer the following questions in paragraph form.


Copy your unofficial transcript from CatsWeb to a Word document and save as a PDF document. Then attach the PDF document below.

Sending the Application

You may send this application electronically after checking to insure that all information has been entered correctly and completely.

Any questions you might have can be emailed to Dr. Carl Van Aacken at