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GMAT & MBA Preparation

MBA Choices
Is an MBA right for you? What is the right program for you? Here are some Web sites that will help you with these questions.
a)   Official MBA site---
b)      Graduate Management Admission Council site---
c)      Affordable Colleges Foundation---
d)      Discover Business Online Guide to MBA and Graduate Programs---
The Student Perspective
 Here are some Web sites that are either run or strongly influenced by students like you.
      a)      Students from around the world pose questions similar to those on the GMAT test---
      b)   Beat the GMAT: The mba social network---
 Here are some sites that could help add a few extra points to your score.
a)      GMATTutor---
c)   Shawn Berry’s GMAT Preparation---
     e)   Kahn Academy ---
     f)    Mometrix Academy ---


The Future
Here are a few things to help you after you get your MBA.
The Robert Toigo Foundation---


Revised by Keven Gray, 2011
Compiled by Rod C. Fluker, Jr., 2004
Texas State University-San Marcos