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Administrative (CIP) Codes

CIP Codes


In addition to the ten-digit Subject Matter Content (Texas CIP) Codes that are used in identifying degrees, declared majors, semester credit hours, and courses on the Course Inventory, the Coordinating Board has assigned unique six-digit CIP codes to identify administrative and support functions at Texas higher education institutions and the Texas A&M University System Service Agencies. These Coordinating Board CIP codes include non-degree functions (i.e., management operations, intercollegiate athletics, and general service functions for students) and are appended to Appendix C under "Additional Six-digit Specialized Codes for Facilities Use Only".

General Use CIP Codes

Student Development

71100000  Student Activities
71200000  Cultural Events
71300000  Student Organizations
71400000  Recreation
71500000  Intramural Athletics
71900000  Placement Service
71910000  Student Financial Aid
71920000  General Student Services

Intercollegiate Athletics (Non-E & G Space)

72000000  Intercollegiate Athletics, General
72010000  Baseball
72020000  Basketball
72060000  Football
72070000  Golf
72080000  Gymnastics
72090000  Ice Hockey
72140000  Soccer
72150000  Swimming
72160000  Tennis
72170000  Track and Field
72700000  Volleyball
72999900  Intercollegiate Athletics, Other

Supporting Facilities (Non-E & G Space)

73100000  Food Service
73200000  Health Service
73300000  Housing Service
73400000  Retail Service-Concessions
73700000  Child Care Service
73990000  Administrative Supporting Facility, Other
73999900  Supporting Facility, Other

Special Student Services

74100099  Veterans
74200099  Foreign Students
74300099  Economically Disadvantaged
74400099  People with Disabilities
74500099  Student Services, Other

Central Operations

81100000  Executive Director, General
81110000  Office, Board of Regents or Directors
81120000  Office, President, or Chancellor
81130000  Office, Executive Vice President, or Vice Chancellor
81140000  Office, Vice President Academic Affairs
81150000  Office, Vice President Student Affairs
81200000  Planning and Programming
81300000  Legal Services
81400000  Fiscal Control
81500000  Investments
81600000  Administrative Support
81650000  Space Management
81700000  Environmental Health and Safety
81750000  Alumni Relations
81800000  Community Relations
81850000  Development
81860000  Office, Vice President Personnel, and Administration
81870000  Office, Vice President Graduate Studies
81880000  Office, Vice President Health Affairs
81890000  Office, Vice President Research
81900000  Office, Vice President University Relations
81990000  Central Operations, General

Functional Operations

82100000  Fiscal Operations
82200000  Student Admissions and Records
82300000  Employee Personnel and Records
82400000  Purchasing and Materials
82500000  Communication and Services
82600000  Transportation Services
82700000  Measurement and Evaluation
82710000  Computer Services, Administrative
82990000  Functional Operations, Other

Maintenance Operations

83100000  Utility Plants
83200000  Building Maintenance
83300000  Grounds Maintenance
83400000  Custodial Services
83910000  Traffic and Security
83920000  Fire Protection
83930000  Construction and Maintenance, General
83940000  Furnishings Maintenance and Equipment Inventory
83950000  Physical Plant Operations
83990000  Maintenance Operations, Other

General Health

84100000  General Health Science Centers


99999900 Unknown Use