University Police Department Advisory Council

Mr. Vincent Morton, Associate Dean of Students, Chair (R)

Capt. Daniel Benitz, Captain, University Police Department (R)
Ms. Susan Dudolski, Associate Director, Housing and Residential Life (R)
Dr. Michael Heintze, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing (R)
Ms. Deborah McDaniel, Administrative Assistant, Continuing Education (R)
Chief Chase Stapp, San Marcos Police Department, City of San Marcos (T)
Dr. Theron Stimmel, Professor, Psychology (R)
Ms. Jodi Torrez Representative, Staff Council (R)
Dr. Dwight Watson, Assistant Professor, History (R)
Ms. Kathy Weiser, Assistant Dean of Students

Student Members:
To Be Named, Student Government (R) 
To Be Named, Student Government (R)
To Be Named, Residence Hall Association Representative (R)
To Be Named, Underrepresented Students Organizations (R)

Provides direct feedback and recommendations to the Director of the University Police Department on matters concerning campus safety and security, public safety (including signage and parking), personal safety, improvements in safety and education programs, availability of counseling services for crime victims, campus response procedures for incidents involving police personnel, ongoing assessment of the quality of practices, procedures, and programs of the police department.