Student Advisory Council

Dr. Joanne Smith, Vice President, Student Affairs, Chair (T)

Dr. Margarita Arellano, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students (T)
Dr. Jen Beck, Director, Retention Management and Planning, Student Affairs (T)
Dr. Sherri Benn, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs and Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion (T)
Dr. Kathlyn Dailey, Director, Counseling Center (T)

Student Members:
Ms. Lauren Stotler, President, Student Government (T)
To Be Named, Student Government (T)
To Be Named, Advisor, Bobcat Fanatics
To Be Named, Associated Student Government
To Be Named, Coordinator, Student Foundation (T)
To Be Named, Coordinator, Underrepresented Student Affairs Council (T)
To Be Named, Panhellenic Council (R)
To Be Named, President, Black Student Alliance
To Be Named, President, Interfraternity Council (T)
To Be Named, President, Lambda of Texas State (T)
To Be Named, President, Latino Student Association
To Be Named, President, National Panhellenic Council (T)
To Be Named, President, Residence Hall Asssociation
To Be Named, Station Manager, KTSW (T)
To Be Named, Student Association for Campus Activities (T)

Provides the Vice President for Student Affairs with information, opinions, and advice on all programs, policies, and issues impacting student life.  The council also serves to facilitate communications among the various offices of the University and student groups.