Emergency Operations Committee

Chief Ralph Meyer, Director, University Police Department, Chair (T)

Dr. James Andrews, Director, Extension and Correspondence
Dr. Margarita Arellano, Associate Vice President/Dean of Students (T)
Mr. Jayme Blaschke, Director, University News Service (T)
Dr. Ron Brown, Assistant Vice President, Academic Services (T)
Mr. Tyler Burton, Vice President, Student Government (T)
Mr. Doug Bynum, Director, Facilities Operations
Mr. Robert Campbell, Sergeant, University Police Department (T)
Dr. Emilio Carranco, Director, Student Health Center (T)
Ms. Chin-Hong Chua, Director, Chartwell's Food Service (T)
Mr. Russell Clark, Director, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (T)
Dr. Kathlyn Dailey, Director, Counseling Center (T)
Ms. Dannette Elliott, Administrative Assistant, University Police Department
Mr. Bradley Ellis, Training Specialist, Texas School Safety Center
Mr. Kyle Estes, Associate Director, Housing and Residential Life (T)
Mr. Matt Flores, Assistant Vice President, University Advancement-Communication
Mr. Frank Gonzalez, Director, Materials Management and Logistics (T)
Ms. Kim Graves, Director, Custodial Operations
Mr. Gordon Green, Director, Facilities Management (T)
Mr. Juan Guerra, Associate Vice President, Facilities (T)
Mr. Michael Krzywonski, Director, Network Operations (T)
Ms. Sheri Lara, Director, Utilities Operations (T)
Mr. John McBride, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (T)
Mr. Vincent Morton, Associate Dean of Students
Ms. Nancy Nusbaum, Interim Director, Transportation Services
Mr. Michael Petty, Director, Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction
Dr. Rosanne Proite, Director, Housing and Residential Life
Mr. Jack Rahmann, Director, Student Center
Mr. Bill Rampy, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Information Technology (T)
Mr. John Root, Director, Auxiliary Services (T)
Mr. Charlie Salas, Associate Director, Student Center
Ms. Tracy Shoemake, Associate Director, Athletics
Dr. Joanne Smith, Vice President, Student Affairs (T)
Dr. Carlos Solís, Associate Vice President, Instructional Technologies Support
Dr. Larrry Teis, Director, Athletics
Dr. Debbie Thorne, Interim Director, International Office
Ms. Lauren Stotler, President, Student Government (T)
To Be Named, Assistant Director, Athletics
To Be Named, Director, Safe Communities and Schools (T)
To Be Named, Student Representative

Recommends to the Vice President for Student Affairs contingency plans for disaster situations such as floods, tornadoes, or fires.