Information Technology Community Staff Development Team

Ms. Christie Stampley, Executive Assistant, Information Technology, Chair (T)

Ms. Lisa Apostolo, Technical Training Analyst, Technology Resources (5/16) (R)
Ms. Megan Ballengee, Library Assistant IV, University Library (5/16) (R)
Ms. Amy Bartley, Library Assistant II, University Library (5/17) (R)
Mr. Ryan Bessent, Network Technician, Technology Resources (5/17) (R)
Mr. Kris Ferguson, Digital Video Specialist, Instructional Technologies (5/16) (R)
Ms. Laura Jones, User Services Consultant I, Instructional Technologies (5/16) (R)
Ms. Jennifer Johnson, Coordinator IT Projects, Technology Resources (5/17) (R)
Ms. Rebecca Ormsby, Senior Administrative Assistant, Information Technology (R)
Ms. Teri Werlein, Administrative Assistant III, University Library (5/16)

The IT Community Staff Development Team (CSDT) is comprised of representatives from all areas of the IT Division. Its mission is to foster communication and build camaraderie within the IT Division, build employee pride through Division-Wide recognition programs and celebrations, facilitate opportunities for employee-driven philanthropy, and enhance the IT Division's public image.