FSS Newsletter Committee

Ms. Patricia Prado, Executive Assistant, Finance and Support Services, Chair (T)

Ms. Alma Apodaca, Representative, Finance and Support Services Planning (9/15-9/18)
Ms. Sylvia Cruz, Representative, Treasurer (9/15-9/18)
Ms. Stephanie Daniels, Coordinator, Marketing and Promotions (T)
Ms. Julie Eriksen, Representative, Human Resources (9/12-9/15)
Ms. Karen Munoz, Representative, Facilities (9/14-9/17)
Ms. Melinda Olivo, Representative, Financial Services (9/15-9/18)
Ms. Else Romano, Representative, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (9/13-9/16)
To Be Named, Representative, Auxiliary Services

Develops the Finance and Support Services Newsletter, which is a personal communication tool for the purpose of developing a sense of family in the division.