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Food Service Committee

Mr. John Root, Director, Auxiliary Services, Chair (T)

Dr. Margarita Arellano, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students (T)
Ms. Colleen Cook, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (R)
Ms. Susan Dudowski, Associate Director, Housing and Residential Life (T)
Ms. Leslie Bulkley, Director, Special Projects (T)
Dr. Rosanne Proite, Director, Housing and Residential Life (T)
Mr. Jack Rahmann, Director, Student Center (T)
Mr. Charlie Salas, Associate Director, Student Center (T)
Mr. Tom Shewan, Associate Vice President, Facilities (T)
Ms. Kathy Weiser, Dean of Student (R)

Ex Officio:
Mr. Chin-Hong Chua, Resident Regional Director, Chartwells (R)
Dr. Joanne Smith, Vice President, Student Affairs (T)

Student Members:
Mr. Andrew Homann, President, Student Government (T)
Ms. Samantha Martinez, Vice President, Student Government (T)
Ms. Lindsay Escalante, Representative, Student Government (R)
Ms. Jackie Merritt, Representative, Student Government (R)
To Be Named, President, Residence Hall Association (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Residence Hall Association (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Residence Hall Association (R)

Evaluates contractor compliance, suggests overall program direction, reviews general issues in the area of renovation of facilities, coordinates the food service program with other university programs, and advises the Vice President for Finance and Support Services on these issues.