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Environmental Service Committee

Ms. Sarah Goodfellow, Chair, Student (Voting)

Mr. Doug Bynum, Representative, Facilities (Voting) (R)
Mr. Mark Carter, Representative, Geography (Voting) (R)
Mr. Richard Medina, Representative, Housing and Residence Life (Voting)
Ms. Kendra Ordia, Representative, Family and Consumer Services (Voting) (R)
Ms. Nancy Nusbaum, Account Manager, Finance and Support Services (Non-voting) (R)
Mr. Dan Smith, Representative, Biology (Voting) (R)

Student Members:
Mr. Jonathan Alba (Non-Voting)
Mr. Nick Fuentes( Non-Voting)
Ms. Catherine Hodde-Pierce (Voting)
Ms. Melissa Jurrens (Voting)
Mr. Chris Sanchez (Voting)
Mr. William Shannon (Voting)
Ms. Nicole Thorkildsen (Voting)

The Environmental Service Committee distributes funds collected from the Environmental Service Fee in order to provide funding for environmental improvements at the University through services such as recycling, transportation, employment, product purchasing, distributing small grants or matching funds, planning/maintenance, beautification, and irrigation. The Environmental Service Committee reviews applications for the aforementioned environmental improvements during their bi-weekly meetings. For more information, please visit