Bookstore Advisory Council

To Be Named, Manager, University Bookstore, Chair (T)

Ms. Kristy Caldwell, Campus Recreation (R)
Mr. Albert Cheng, Student Center (R)
Dr. Jacqueline Cooper, College of Education (R)
Mr. Don Coryell, Athletics (R)
Dr. Robert Fischer, Liberal Arts (R)
Ms. Sandy Handsel, Health and Human Performance (R)
Ms. Melissa Kelley, Student Business Services (R)
Dr. Patricia Pattison, McCoy College of Business Administration (R)
Mr. John Root, Director, Auxiliary Services (T)
Mr. Eric Tradup, Admissions (R)
Ms. Lauren Williams, University Bookstore (R)
To Be Named, Multicultural Studies (R)

Student Members:
Ms. Lauren Stotler, President, Student Government (T)
Mr. Tyler Burton, Vice President, Student Government, (T)
To Be Named, Bookstore Student Employee (R)
To Be Named, University Ambassadors (R)
To Be Named, University Ambassadors (R)

Serves as a source of feedback from students, faculty, and staff concerning store policies and offerings of goods, service, and merchandise. Provides the bookstore with representation within various departments and groups for dissemination of bookstore information.