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Human Resources Forum

Mr. John E. McBride, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Chair

Office of the President
Ms. Mary Ann Mendoza, Executive Assistant, President’s Office
Ms. Gloria Olivo-Mendoza, Office Manager, Equity and Access

Ms. Lacy Needham, Athletic Business Manager, Athletics Business Office
Mr. Mathew Worthington, Assistant Athletics Business Manager, Athletics Business Office

Ms. Michelle Bohn, Senior Administrative Assistant, University College
Ms. Dana Chapman, Senior Administrative Assistant, Associate VP for Institutional Effectiveness
Ms. Kindra Colgin, Senior Administrative Assistant, Fine Arts and Communication
Ms. Bertha DeLeon, Senior Administrative Assistant, Applied Arts
Ms. Lillian Garcia, Senior Administrative Assistant, Science and Engineering
Ms. Melanie Liddle, Senior Administrative Assistant, Honors College
Ms. Isabel Mathies, Senior Administrative Assistant, Associate VP, Enrollment Management
Ms. Sylvia Mobley, Senior Administrative Assistant, The Graduate College
Ms. Janet Moseley, Manager, Graduate Admissions, The Graduate College
Ms. Julia Palacios, Administrative Assistant I, Round Rock Campus
Ms. Alyssa Rodriguez, Senior Administrative Assistant, McCoy College of Business
Ms. Margie Rodriguez, Senior Administrative Assistant, Health Professions
Ms. Stacey Rodriguez, Executive Assistant, Office of the Provost and VPAA
Ms. Holly Tipton, Coordinator Academic Affairs, Associate VP, Academic Affairs
Ms. Mary Ann Trevino, Senior Administrative Assistant, Research and Federal Relations
Ms. Donya Villarreal, Senior Administrative Assistant, College of Education

Ms. Sylvia Cruz, Administrative Assistant III, Student Business Services and Bursars
Ms. Mary Alice Gonzales, Administrative Assistant III, Auxiliary Services
Ms. Carolyn Holesovsky, Senior Administrative Assistant, Finance and Support Services Planning
Ms. Karen Munoz, Senior Administrative Assistant, Facilities
Ms. Melinda Olivo, Senior Administrative Assistant, Financial Services
Ms. Patricia Prado, Executive Assistant, Vice President for Finance and Support Services
Ms. Crystal Schaffer, Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of Budgeting, Financial Planning and Analysis
Ms. LaDonna Tate, Administrative Assistant III, Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

Ms. Julia Lara, Administrative Assistant III, Technology Resources
Ms. Christie Stampley, Executive Assistant, Vice President for Information Technology
Ms. Kathy Whetstone, Administrative Assistant III, University Libraries
Ms. Irene Ochwat, Senior Administrative Assistant, Instructional Technologies Support

Ms. Michelle Aguilar, Senior Administrative Assistant, Student Diversity and Inclusion
Ms. Ethel Banks, Senior Administrative Assistant, Counseling Center
Ms. LA Chafin, Executive Assistant, Vice President for Student Affairs
Ms. Debbie Chandler, Assistant Director, Student Health Center, Student Health Center
Mr. Albert Cheng, Business Manager, Student Center, Student Center
Ms. Sandra Elliot, Administrative Assistant III, University Police
Ms. Norma Guerra Gaier, Director, Career Services, Career Services
Ms. Krista Haynes, Business Manager, Campus Recreation, Campus Recreation
Ms. Sophia Joseph, Administrative Assistant III, Disability Services
Ms. Brandi Martinez, Administrative Assistant III, Retention Management
Ms. Mary Ann Ortiz-Moerke, Senior Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students
Ms. Rita Staires, Business Manager, Housing and Residential Life, Housing and Residential Life

Mr. Paul Ackerley, Executive Assistant, Vice President for University Advancement
Ms. Sarah Alvarez, Campaign Coordinator, University Advancement
Ms. Paula Slocombe, Administrative Financial Analyst, Vice President for University Advancement

To facilitate and promote two-way communication and exchange of ideas with staff from a cross-section of campus departments on human resources issues.