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General Education Council

Dr. Ronald C. Brown, Assistant Vice President for Academic Services, Chair

Dr. Catherine Hawkins, Professor, Social Work (2018)
Dr. Michael Supancic, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice (2018)
Dr. Peter Dedek, Associate Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences (Alternate)
Dr. Reed Richardson, Professor, Agriculture (Alternate)

Dr. Diego Vacaflores Rivero, Associate Professor, Finance and Economics (2019)
Dr. Garry White, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods (2017)
Dr. Janet B. Butler, Professor, Accounting (Alternate)
Dr. Vance Lesseig, Associate Professor, Finance and Economics (Alternate)

Dr. Michelle Hamilton, Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance (2017)
Dr. Roxanne Allsup, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2019)
Dr. Kevin McCurdy, Professor, Health and Human Performance (Alternate)
Dr. Charise Pimentel, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (Alternate)

Ms. Kristen LeBlanc Farris, Senior Lecturer, Communication Studies (2019)
Dr. Alan Pizer, Senior Lecturer, Art and Design (2019)
Mr. Seth Frei, Lecturer, Communication Studies (Alternate)
Mr. William Peeler, Professor, Theatre and Dance (Alternate)

Dr. Maria Diana Gonzales, Associate Professor, Communication Disorders (2018)
Dr. Christopher Russian, Professor, Respiratory Care (2018)
Ms. Megan Lynn Trad, Associate Professor, Radiation Therapy Program (Alternate)
Ms. Melissa Walston-Sanchez, Lecturer, Health Information Management (Alternate)

Dr. Ted Hindson, Associate Professor, Political Sciences (2017)
Dr. Nancy Wilson, Assistant Professor, English (2017)
Dr. Susan Day, Professor, Sociology (Alternate)
Dr. James Garber, Professor, Anthropology (Alternate)

Dr. Chad Booth, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2019)
Dr. Gregory Passty, Professor, Mathematics (2019)
Dr. Sharon Gronberg, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics (Alternate)
Dr. Don Olson, University Distinguished Professor, Physics (Alternate)

Dr. Beth Erhart, Chair-Associate Professor, Anthropology (2018)
Dr. Craig Hanks, Chair-Professor, Philosophy (2017)
Dr. Kenneth Grasso, Chair-Professor, Political Science (Alternate)
Dr. Dan Lochman, Chair-Professor, English (Alternate)

Ex Officio:
Ms. Temple Carter, Advising Representative, University College

Student Members: 
Mr. Joshua Bondoc, Representative (R)
Mr. Scott Jones, Representative (R)

Provides a mechanism for ongoing discussion about the content and policies for this university-wide body of instruction and how to help Texas State students achieve the intellectual skills and knowledge that will prepare them for private, public, and professional lives.  Considers major (substantive) curriculum and/or policy recommendations, e.g., changes of the structure or redefining the primary components with the essential skills, disciplinary perspectives, integrative courses, and other General Education requirements as defined in the catalog.  Also considers minor (non-substantive) recommendations, e.g., specific courses within the general areas outlined previously.  Advises the Assistant Vice President for Academic Services on all these matters.