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Financial Aid Advisory, Appeals, and Scholarship Awards Committee

Dr. Christopher Murr, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Chair (T)

Dr. Sonya Armstrong, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Dr. Michael Casey, Senior Lecturer, Ingram School of Engineering (R)
Dr. Joni Charles, Associate Professor, Finance and Economics (R)
Dr. Kimberlee Davis, Associate Professor, School of Family and Consumer Sciences (R)
Dr. Laurie Fluker, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Dr. Theodore Hindson, Associate Professor, Political Science (R)
Ms. Anni Judkins, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Dr. Michael Nava, Associate Dean, University College
Mr. Stanley Phelps, Compliance Administrator, Financial Aid and Scholarships (T)
Ms. Britney Webb, Senior Lecturer, Health and Human Performance
Ms. Kathryn Weiser, Assistant Dean of Students, Dean of Students (R) 

Ex Officio:
Ms. Stephanie Lopez, Assistant Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships (T)
Mr. Gary Ray, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing (T) 

Student Members:
To Be Named, Terry Scholar (R)
To Be Named, Terry Scholar (R)

Reviews studies and recommends policies regarding need-based financial aid. The Committee advises and recommends broad policies and procedures to the University Council for awarding financial aid and gives the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing and the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships advice as needed. The Committee, which is authorized by the institution's administration to grant a scholarship that permits a waiver of nonresident tuition, makes decisions about selected scholarship awards and serves as the final body for appeals pertaining to financial aid eligibility and athletic scholarships.