Council of Chairs

Dr. Mary C. Brennan, Chair, History, Chair
Dr. Elizabeth M. Erhart, Chair, Anthropology, Vice Chair
Dr. Gregg Marshall, Chair, Respiratory Care, Secretary

Dr. Ann L. Watkins, Chair, Accounting
Lt. Col. Matthew S. Fehrman, Chair, Aerospace Studies (AFROTC)
Dr. Donna Vandiver, Interim Chair, Agriculture
Mr. Michael L. Niblett, Director, Art and Design
Dr. Dittmar Hahn, Chair, Biology
Dr. William J. Brittain, Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Rodney E. Rohde, Program Chair, Clinical Laboratory Science
Dr. Valarie Fleming, Chair, Communication Disorders
Dr. Melinda M. Villagran, Chair, Communication Studies
Dr. Rick G. Ingalls, Chair, Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods
Dr. Hongchi Shi, Chair, Computer Science
Dr. Michael P. O'Malley, Chair, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology
Dr. Christine Sellers, Director, School of Criminal Justice
Dr. Jodi Patrick Holschuh, Chair, Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Stan A. McClellan, Director, Engineering
Dr. Andy H. Batey, Chair, Engineering Technology
Dr. Daniel T. Lochman, Chair, English
Dr. Rodney C. Runyan, Director, Family and Consumer Science
Dr. R. Todd Jewel, Interim Chair, Finance and Economics
Dr. Alberto Giordano, Chair, Geography
Dr. Barbara L. Sanders, Interim Director, Health Administration
Dr. Duane V. Knudson, Chair, Health and Human Performance
Mrs. Jacqueline A. Moczygemba, Chair, Health Information Management
Dr. Judy B. Oskam, Director, Journalism and Mass Communication
Dr. Paula L. Rechner, Chair, Management
Dr. Raymond P. Fisk, Chair, Marketing
Dr. Susan Morey, Chair, Mathematics
Lt. Col. Jose A. Gariaesmarria, Chair, Military Sciences (Army ROTC)
Dr. Robert A. Fischer, Chair, Modern Languages
Dr. Thomas S. Clark, Director, Music
Dr. Marla A. Erbin-Roesemann, Director, Nursing
Dr. Mary Jo Garcia Biggs, Interim Chair, Occupational, Workforce and Leadership Studies
Dr. Craig Hanks, Chair, Philosophy
Dr. Barbara L. Sanders, Chair, Physical Therapy
Dr. Mark Holtz, Chair, Physics
Dr. Kenneth Grasso, Chair, Political Science
Dr. William L. Kelemen, Chair, Psychology
Dr. Ronnie G. Lozano, Program Chair, Radiation Therapy
Dr. Karen Knox, Interim Director, Social Work
Dr. Chad L. Smith, Chair, Sociology
Ms. Deb Alley, Chair, Theatre and Dance

Makes recommendations to the Council of Academic Deans, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President on all matters affecting academics at Texas State.