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FSS Community Development Team

Ms. Melinda Olivo, Financial Services, Co-Chair (T)
Ms. Patricia Prado, Finance and Support Services, Co-Chair (T)

Ms. Kristina Ayala, Financial Services (R) (9/21)
Ms. Stephanie Daniels, Finance and Support Services Planning (R) (9/21)
Ms. Teresa Duggins, Human Resources (R) (9/21)
Ms. Mary Alice Gonzales, Auxiliary Services (R) (9/21)
Ms. Mary Ann Hollingsworth, Facilities (R) (9/20)
Mr. Marcus Pacheco, Facilities (R) (9/21)
Ms. Crystal Schaffer, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Anaylsis (R) (9/18)
Ms. Kim Stringham, Treasurer (R) (9/21)
Ms. LaDonna Tate, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (R) (9/21)
Ms. Amy Thomas, Facilities (R) (9/18)
Mr. Phillip Williams, Facilities (R) (9/18)

Cultivates communication with the staff through divisional celebrations in the FSS Division.