Honor Code Council (Provost/VPAA)

Dr. David Wiley, Professor, Education, Faculty Representative, Chair

Dr. Roxanne Allsup, Education, Faculty Representative
Dr. Rachell Booth, Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Rachel Davenport, Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Albert Dietz, Applied Arts, Faculty Representative
Dr. Celeste Domsch, Health Professions, Faculty Representative
Ms. Jennifer Evans, Education, Faculty Representative
Dr. Cynthia Gonzales, Fine Arts and Communication, Faculty Representative
Dr. Marilyn Goodwin, Education, Faculty Representative
Dr. Cristian Lieneck, Health Professions, Faculty Representative
Dr. John Mogab, McCoy College of Business Administration, Faculty Representative
Dr. Sarah Nelson, Education, Faculty Representative
Dr. Mary Odum, Education, Faculty Representative
Mr. Dan Schumacher, Fine Arts and Communication, Faculty Representative
Dr. Victoria Smith, Liberal Arts, Faculty Representative
Dr. Gail Zank, McCoy College of Business Administration, Faculty Representative

Student Members:
Mr. Mario Aguilar, Student Representative
Ms. Sara Bickham, Student Representative
Mr. Tyler Burton, Student Representative
Ms. Breanna Campbell, Student Representative
Mr. Cesar de Leon, Student Representative
Mr. Lance English, Student Representative
Mr. JR Morrison, Student Representative
Ms. Holly Pavlicek, Student Representative
Mr. Colton Read, Student Representative
Ms. Michaela Sousares, Student Representative
Ms. Lauren Stotler, Student Representative
Mr. Christian Teague, Student Representative
Ms. Erin Tilton, Student Representative
Ms. Tiffany Young, Student Representative

The Honor Code Council is comprised of faculty and students who hear cases of alleged academic dishonesty. The Honor Code Council Hearing Committee will consider evidence offered by both the faculty member and student. It will then render its recommendation to the dean of the college where the alleged Honor Code violation occurred. All cases involving disciplinary penalties are referred to the Dean of Students Office.