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Student Service Fee Advisory Committee (VPSA)

Dr. Margarita Arellano, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Chair (T)

Dr. John Fleming, Dean, Fine Arts and Communication (R)
Dr. Glenn Hanley, Director, Campus Recreation (R)
Dr. Lucy Harney, Professor, Modern Languages (R)

Student Members:
Mr. Andrew Homann, President, Student Government (R)
Ms. Samantha Martinez, Vice President, Student Government (R)
Ms. Melissa Aylward, Representative, Student Government (R)
Mr. Connor Clegg, Representative, Student Government (R)
Ms. Lindsey Escalante, Student Government (R)
Mr. Colton Duncan, Representative, Student Government, Alternate (R)

Reviews and recommends to the President expenditures of student service fee income:
          1) annual departmental budget requests
          2) expenditures from reserves.
Also reviews budget recommendations from the Student Center, Campus Recreation, and Student Health Center Fee Advisory Committees before forwarding to the President.