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Intellectual Property Committee (Provost/VPAA)

Dr. Reddy Venumbaka, Director, Office of Technology Commercialization, Chair (T)

Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour, Representative, Faculty Senate (R)
Ms. Teresa Carey, IP Contract Specialist (T)
Mr. Stephen Frayser, Executive Director, STAR Park (R)
Dr. Scott Kruse, Representative, Faculty (R)
Dr. Yijuan (Lucy) Lu, Representative, Faculty (R)
Dr. Stan McClellan, Representative, Faculty (R)
Dr. Edwin Piner, Representative, Faculty (R)
Mr. Bill Rampy, Representative, Information Technology (R)
Dr. Kenneth Smith, Representative, Faculty (R)
Ms. Stephanie Towery, Librarian, and Copyright Officer, University Library (R)

Reviews inventions and discoveries by university faculty and staff employees and makes recommendations to the President regarding the university's ownership interest in patents and exploiting of ownership interests in patentable products.