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Equity and Access Committee (SAP)

Dr. Gilda Garcia, Director, Equity and Access, Chair (T)*

Dr. Audwin Anderson, Director, Center for Diversity and Gender Studies
Dr. Sherri Benn, Representative, President's Council for Women and Student Diversity and Inclusion (R)
Dr. Vicki Brittain, Special Assistant to the President (T)
Dr. Natalie Ceballos, Associate Professor, Psychology (2017)
Dr. Jaime Chahin, Representative, Dean (R)
Ms. Dana Chapman, Representative, Staff Council (R)
Dr. Ann M. DuPont, Representative, Faculty (R)
Mr. John McBride, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (T)
Dr. Jackie McDonald, Representative, Faculty (R)
Ms. Iliana Melendez, President, Texas State Alliance (T)
Dr. Cynthia Opheim, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs (T)*
Dr. Clint-Michael Reneau, Director, Disability Services (T)
Dr. Sharon Strickland, Representative, Faculty (R)
Mr. Paul Villagran, Representative, Faculty (R)
Mr. Alex Villalobos, President, Hispanic Policy Network (T)
Ms. Jonnie Wilson, Chair, Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff (T)
To Be Named, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs (T)*
To Be Named, Representative, Chair (R)
To Be Named, Professor

Student Members:
Mr. Andrew Homann, President, Student Government (T)
Mr. Carlos Baca, Representative, Student Government

* Multicultural/Diversity Functional Office

The Committee provides oversight, advice, and support for the Texas State diversity plan in support of the University's goal to "Enrich our learning and working environment by attracting and supporting a more diverse faculty, staff, and student body."