ADA/504 Compliance and Steering Committee on Disabilities (VPSA)

Dr. Sherri Benn, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs/Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion, Chair (R)

Mr. Doug Bynum, Director, Facilities Operations (T)
Ms. Jan Carmack, Coordinator, Microcomputer Lab (T)
Mr. Russell Clark, Director, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (T)
Mr. Kyle Estes, Associate Director, Housing and Residential Life (T)
Ms. Cheryl Lee, Director, Student Support Services (T)
Mr. John McBride, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (T)
Dr. Milt Nielsen, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Information Technology, Information Technology (R)
Ms. Nancy Nusbaum, Interim Director, Transportation Services (T)
Mr. Michael Petty, Director, Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction (T)
Ms. Kim Porterfield, Director, Community Relations (R)
Mr. Stephen Prentice, Assistant Director, Parking Services (T)
Dr. Clifford Ronan, Professor, English (R)
Dr. Joanne Salas, Senior Psychologist, Counseling Center (R)
Ms. Julie Saldiva, Program Specialist, Campus Recreation (R)
Dr. Larry Wheeler, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
To Be Named, Assistant Director, Academic Development and Assessment
To Be Named, Dean (R)

Ex Officio:
Mr. Clint-Michael Reneau, Director, Disability Services (T)

Student Members:
To Be Named, Student Government (R)
To Be Named, Student Government (R)
To Be Named, Student Representative (R)
To Be Named, Nominated by Chair (R)
To Be Named, Student Representative, Disability Services (R)

Advises the President's Cabinet regarding the University's compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  The committee serves as a clearinghouse for disability issues and oversees the Office of Disability Services' efforts to ensure that Texas State policies, programs, and services comply with ADA.