University Lecturers Committee

Mr. Roger Colombik, Professor, Art and Design, Chair (2018)

Ms. Carla Ellard, Librarian, University Library (2016)
Dr. Omar Lopez, Associate Professor, Occupational Workforce, and Leadership Studies (2018)
Dr. Gloria Martinez, Associate Professor, Sociology (2017)
Dr. Wuxu Peng, Professor, Computer Science (2017)
Dr. Ram Shanmugam, Professor, Health Administration (2016)
Dr. Pamela Wuestenberg, Senior Lecturer, Health and Human Performance (2018)
Dr. Ha Chin Yi, Associate Professor, Finance and Economics (2016)

Student Members:
Ms. Lauren Stotler, President, Student Government
To Be Named, Student Government
To Be Named, Student Representative

Assists departments and groups in bringing outstanding lecturers to campus; apportions funds and administers the budget approved for this purpose.