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University Curriculum Committee

Dr. Michael Supancic, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, Chair (2015)

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, Associate Professor, History (2017)              
Dr. Elizabeth M. Blunk, Associate Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences (2019)   
Dr. Beth Bos, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2018)     
Dr. Karen Gibbs, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy (2019)
Dr. Cynthia Gonzales, Associate Professor, Music (2019)
Ms. Elizabeth King, Librarian, Alkek Library (2019)
Dr. Eric Kirby, Professor, Management (2018)
Dr. Cristian Lieneck, Associate Professor, Health Administration (2017)  
Mr. William Peeler, Professor, Theatre and Dance (2017)   
Dr. Rebecca Raphael, Associate Professor, Philosophy (2017)
Dr. John Schemmel, Professor, Engineering Technology (2017)
Dr. Vivek Shah, Professor, Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods  (2019)  
Dr. Ricardo Torrejon, Professor, Mathematics (2017)   
Dr. Jo An Zimmermann, Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance (2019)

Ex Officio:
Ms. Micky Autrey, Director, Curriculum Services (Non-Voting) (R)
Ms. Selene Hinojosa, Librarian, Alkek Library (Non-Voting) (R)
Mr. Lou Jimenez, Registrar, Registrar's Office (Non-Voting) (T)

Student Members:
To Be Named, Student Government (R)
To Be Named, Student Government (R)

Receives and evaluates all curricular requests, including program and course changes, new degree program and course proposals. The committee is comprised of two faculty members per college, plus two Library representatives.