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Piper Professor Committee

Dr. Eugene Curtin, Professor, Mathematics, Chair (2019)  

Dr. Carrie Borden-McGill, Professor, Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies (2020)
Dr. William DeSoto, Associate Professor, Political Science (2019)
Dr. Debra Feakes, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2018)
Dr. Steve Furney, University Distinguished Professor, Health and Human Performance (2020)
Dr. Son Chae Kim, Professor, Nursing (2018)  
Dr. Jaymeen Shah, Professor, Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods (2018)
Dr. Sue Weill, Associate Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication (2019)

Recommends to the Faculty Senate the Piper nominee to be submitted to the Provost. In addition, the committee also recommends to the Senate the recipients of the Swinney Teaching Award. The committee is comprised of one faculty member per college, plus one former Piper Professor.