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Academic Governance Committee

Dr. Oren Renick, Professor, Health Administration, Chair (2017)

Dr. Gwynne Ash, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2018)
Mr. Harry Bowers, Senior Lecturer, Journalism and Mass Communication (2019)
Dr. Jaime Chahin, Dean, Applied Arts (2017)
Dr. Jay Jamieson, Professor, Criminal Justice (2018)
Dr. Dan Lochman, Chair and Professor, English (2019)
Dr. Crystal Oberle (for Ty Schepis), Associate Professor, Psychology (Fall 2016)
Dr. Apan Qasem, Associate Professor, Computer Science (2017)
Dr. Donald Sanders, Professor, Finance and Economics (2019)
Dr. Ty Schepis, Associate Professor, Psychology (2018)

Monitors and studies the system of departmental and college academic governance, including PPS's and other rules for conducting university business that impact faculty.  The committee will provide an annual report on its findings and recommendations to the senate. The committee is comprised of one faculty member per college, plus one college dean and one department chair.