Academic Computing Committee

Dr. Garry White, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods, Co-chair (2016) (Non-voting)

Dr. Tim England, Associate Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication(2016) (Non-voting)
Dr. Scott Kruse, Assistant Professor, Health Administration (2017)
Dr. Kathryn Lee, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2016)
Dr. Mayur Mehta, Professor, Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods, (2016)
Dr. Wuxu Peng, Professor, Computer Science (2016)
Dr. Ken Smith, Associate Professor, Social Work (2018)
Dr. Miriam Williams, Professor, English (2018)

Ex Officio:
Mr. Kevin McCarty, Supervisor, System Services, Student Affairs (Non-voting) (2016)
Dr. Stan McClellan, Director, Ingram School of Engineering (2016)
Mr. Scott Pope, Librarian, University Library (2016) (R) (Non-voting)
Mr. Jose Rodriguez, Director, Technology Resources Business Services (2016)
Dr. Carlos Solís, Associate Vice President, Instructional Technologies Support (2016)

Student Members:
To Be Named, Student Government (Preferably an upper level Computer Science or Computer Information Systems major)
To Be Named, Student Government (R) 

Reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the senate for utilization of student computing funds. May also be called on to review budgets, policies, and procedures relating to the academic use of computing resources. Serves as a liaison between Information Technology and the university faculty via the Senate.