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Grant Awards by Month (Sept 2017 - Aug 2018)

November 2017 Awards
Title Sponsor Amount Date
Mapping Holocaust rescue and survival in Budapest University of Bristol $58,221.80 11/7/2017
Evans Field Interlocal Trenching City of San Marcos $2,886.00 11/7/2017
Dispersal of zebra mussels downstream of invaded reservoirs and assessing the impact of zebra mussels - Federal Texas Parks & Wildlife Department $2,085.00 11/10/2017
Ph. Digital: Preparing Future Faculty to Lead Innovative Curriculum Knight Foundation $75,000.00 11/13/2017
Collaborative Research: Adapting Reading Comprehension Strategies for us in Elementary School Computer Science Instruction to Educate Tomorrow's Computational Innovators National Science Foundation $172,902.00 11/28/2017
Monthly Total   $556,520.80

October 2017 Awards

Title Sponsor Amount Date
Career and Financial Education (CAFÉ): A Graduation Success and Career Readiness Initiative at Texas State University and Del Mar College Department of Education $349,396.00 10/2/2017
IMPACTing STEM Success at Texas State University Department of Education $1,136,251.00 10/2/2017
City of San Marcos Water Sample Testing Master Agreement City of San Marcos $80,000.00 10/3/2017
Bastrop County Fuel Management for a Healthy Forest/Community Bastrop County $61,359.52 10/4/2017
Impact of Filtered HME on Aerosol Deposition and Particle Size in a Simulated Mechanically Ventilated Adult Lung Model ARC Medical, Inc. $6,436.55 10/4/2017
Electronic Health Record Systems as a Platform for Interprofessional Education Texas Society of Allied Health Professions $1,500.00 10/4/2017
Justice Court In-Service Training Program-Program Income Texas Justice Court Training Center $118,945.83 10/4/2017
Strengthening Relationships/Strengthening Families Yr2 US. Department of Health & Human Services $988,191.00 10/4/2017
Cultural Resources Management Program, Native American Project Consultation Support, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada U.S. Army Corp of Engineers $722,462.13 10/5/2017
CESU-Hope Capture & Maintenance, JRTC Fort Polk, LA U.S. Army Corp of Engineers $99,679.44 10/5/2017
Texas Justice Court Traffic Safety Initiative FY18 Texas Department of Transportation $142,376.00 10/5/2017
FY17 BHWET Competition U.S. Department of Health & Human Svc $480,000.00 10/25/2017
Institute of Criminal Justice Studies (FY18) Office of the Governor $250,000.00 10/8/2017
Work-Study Student Mentorship Program Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board $103,266.00 10/13/2017
CEOHP Growth: Awardee Interviews and Website Update Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education $5,000.00 10/13/2017
RTD-Based Relaxation Oscillators (RTD-RO) tp overcome DC Stability Issues Ohio State University $45,000.00 10/16/2017
Identification of Migrant Remains Office of the Governor $100,000.00 10/19/2017
SRC Education Alliance Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) Semiconductor Research Corporation Attn: Michael C. Phillips $35,000.00 10/20/2017
Mapping Holocaust rescue and survival in Budapest University of Bristol $14,675.00 10/23/2017
Astronaut Photography Cataloging Project (Task Order #16) Jacobs Technology $10,000.00 10/25/2017
Research and Technical Assistance for Texas Juvenile Justice Department Texas Juvenile Justice Department $27,442.00 10/25/2017
Texas Alliance 2017/2018 Grant National Geographic Society Education Foundation $47,500.00 10/26/2017
Determining Reproductive Status for Adult Western River Cooters (Rseudems Gorzugi) Among Monitored Locations Texas Parks and Wildlife Department $60,919.00 10/31/2017
Comparing Capture Methods, Examining Genetic Diversity, and Assessing Disease Risk in an Effective and Efficient Monitoring Design for the Conservation of Nerodia Harteri Texas Parks and Wildlife Department $99,565.00 10/31/2017
October 2017 Monthly Total   $4,984,964.47  
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