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Current Awards - June 2018

Title Sponsor Amount Date
BOCA-- Body-worn Camera Analytics in Public Safety University of Michigan $44,670.00 6/1/2018
Electrical and Optical Properties of Iron Doped NiO Thin Films United States Army $7,500.00 6/4/2018
CAREER: Correlating Organic Radical Structure to Electrochemical and Photophysical Proprerties: Evolving Energy Storage an Light-Emitting Materials National Science Foundation $24,000.00 6/4/2018
TxDOT Leon River 41HM51 Bone Grease Reanalysis Amaterra $45,825.00 6/5/2018
Career:Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods National Science Foundation $58,852.00 6/5/2018
Enhanced Development of the Xiphophorus Model System National Institutes of Health National Center for Research Rsrcs $579,475.00 6/6/2018
NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative National Aeronautics and Space Administration $3,059,363.00 6/6/2018
REU Site: Algebra, Combinatorics and Statistics National Science Foundation $269,696.00 6/7/2018
Development of long-lasting asphalt overlay methods by an effective pre-treatment of existing aged concrete pavement; Evaluation method and specification on bonding strength of emulsified asphalt Chung-Ang University $12,061.50 6/7/2018
Tobacco Youth Prevention (SA/TYP) FY19 Amend #3 Department of State Health Services $756,521.00 6/11/2018
Tobacco Your Prevention (SA/TYP) FY19 PROGRAM INCOME Department of State Health Services $49,500.00 6/11/2018
Dillon Lohr: Eye Movement Biometrics in Virtual Reality National Science Foundation $46,000.00 6/12/2018
System for Integrated Characterization of Electronic Devices and Materials Department of Defense $4,556.00 6/12/2018
REU Supplement - CSR: Medium: Collaborative Research: Programming Abstractions and Systems Support for GPU-Based Acceleration of Irregular Application National Science Foundation $16,000.00 6/12/2018
GLO Work Order B247- Master Agreement 17-212-000 Tx General Land Office $4,000.00 6/14/2018
NEA Art Works: Music SF-424 National Endowment for the Arts $10,000.00 6/14/2018
Collection Evaluation for material from TxDOT project, Site 41 CX98 Texas Department of Transportation $69.18 6/15/2018
Evidence to Inform a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy Harvard University $6,000.00 6/15/2018
PAL Teen Conference (FY18) Texas Department Family & Protection Services $5,000.00 6/15/2018
Title IV-E Year 25 Department of Family & Protective Services $660,831.00 6/18/2018
An Inventory and Assessment of Glaciers, Rock Glaciers, Perennial Snowfields, and Permafrost Landforms in the Teton Range, Wyoming, USA University of Wyoming-National Park Service Research Station $2,000.00 6/20/2018
City of Hutto Citizens Satisfactin Survey City of Hutto $6,061.00 6/21/2018
Developing A Fully Approved Coastal NPS Pollution Control Program for the Texas Coastal Management Program General Land Office $110,000.00 6/21/2018
NIH Diversity Supplement Raquel Salinas) Parent Awd 8-1699 United States Department of Health & Human Services $132,820.00 6/22/2018
Project Safe Neighborhoods University of Nebraska Omaha $4,703.00 6/25/2018
Jacobs Engineering Task Order #27678 - Thomas Crowden Jacobs Technology $18,820.00 6/25/2018
Jacobs Engineering Task Order #S26179-Jeffrey Jang Jacobs Technology $21,120.00 6/25/2018
Task Order#5 Curation Preparation for TxDot Texas Department of Transportation $3,031.02 6/27/2018
Investigating the effects of leisure engagement on health benefits among individuals with physical disabilities Kyungnam University $7,000.00 6/27/2018
FootJoy Forecasting Acushnet Company (Foot Joy) $14,950.00 6/29/2018
Collaborative Identification Efforts in South Texas South Texas Human Rights Center $32,000.00 6/29/2018
3D Printing of Innovative Electronic Inks Electroninks, Inc. $30,333.00 6/29/2018
Bat Ecology on San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge US Fish & Wildlife $24,115.67 6/29/2018
Comprehensive Summer School Safety Training Program Office of the Govenor- Criminal Justice Division $25,000.00 6/29/2018
SaTC:CORE:Small: Eye Movement Biometrics in Virtual and Augmented Reality National Science Foundation $16,000.00 6/29/2018