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Kuali Research Guides

Kuali Research: Quick Training Guides

  Topic   Guide Length
Proposal Development
PDF Starting a Proposal in Kuali 1 pages
PDF Adding Sponsor Opportunity Info to Your Kuali Proposal 2 pages
University Workflow/Routing
PDF Approving Routing using Kuali Action Email 2 pages
PDF Approving Routing using Kuali Action List 2 pages
PDF Navigating Kuali 2 pages
Reporting (Coming Soon)

Kuali Research: Full Classroom Guides

  Topic   Level   Guide Length
Proposal Development
PDF Part I: Creating a Proposal in Kuali Beginner 17 pages
PDF Part II: Sponsor Information in Kuali Proposals Intermediate 9 pages
PDF Part III: Adding Final Pieces in Kuali Proposal Intermediate 11 pages
PDF Part IV: Budgeting in Kuali Advanced TBD
University Workflow/Routing
PDF Workflow/Routing in Kuali Beginner 16 page
PDF Proposal Searches in Kuali Beginner 10 pages
Reporting (Coming Soon)
PDF Reporting (Coming Soon) Advanced TBD

Kuali Research: Quick Start Videos

  Topics   Length
Proposal Development
OSP videoStarting a Proposal in Kuali 00:02:35
OSP videoAdding Sponsor Information to Your Proposal In Kuali 00:01:03
University Workflow/Routing
OSP videoApproving Routing in Kuali 00:01:07
OSP videoNavigating Kuali 00:00:56
OSP videoSearching for Proposals: PI Lookup 00:00:36
OSP videoSearching for Proposals: Sponsor Lookup 00:00:53
OSP videoSearching for Proposals: Partial Title Lookup 00:00:24
Reporting (Coming Soon)

Additional Guides/Helpful Information