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Institutional Information Facts Sheet

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DUNS # 074602368       EIN # 746002248

TSRF DUNS # 968639588       TSRF EIN # 270523322

Animal Welfare Assurance # A4147-01

Human Subjects Assurance: # FWA00000191

Tax Exempt Status: IRS Code 170(c)(1)

FICE Code: # 003615
TPIN: # 36732280

CAGE Code: # 3JGQ3

Texas State Vendor #: 37547547549

Federal Congressional District: 25th (110th Congress)

Texas House District: 45th

Texas Senate District: 25th

NSF Institutional Code: 0036152000

NIH IPF#: 7668401



Texas State University is a doctoral granting university located in the burgeoning Austin-San Antonio corridor, the largest campus in the Texas State University System, and one of the 50 largest universities in the country. Texas State's more than 32,500 students choose from 97 bachelor's, 89 master's. and 9 doctoral degree programs offered by eight colleges (Applied Arts, The Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration, Education, Fine Arts and Communication, Health Professions, Liberal Arts, Science, and the University College). With a diverse campus community where ethnic minorities make up 35% of the student body, Texas State has also attained Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) eligibility. Texas State is the lead institution of a multi-institution teaching center, the Round Rock Higher Education Center, offering several programs in the greater north Austin area with a current enrollment of 1,984. In the fall of 2010 the university opened its doors to the first class of nursing students at the Texas State St. David's School of Nursing in Round Rock. Additional information about Texas State and its nationally recognized academic programs is available at http://www.txstate.edu.



COGNIZANT AUDIT AGENCY: Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

DHHS EIN #: 1746002248A1


DHHS REPRESENTATIVE: Theodore Foster / (214) 767-3411

Effective Period Rate Base* Locations Activity

09/01/10 08/31/14

09/01/10 08/31/14

48.5% MTDC

26.0% MTDC



Research and Instruction

Research and Instruction

 *Base: Rates apply to modified total direct costs (MTDC). MTDC is defined as total direct costs excluding equipment (unit cost of $5,000 or more),capital expenditures, charges for patient care and tuition remission, rental costs of off-site facilities, scholarships, and fellowships as well as the portion of each subgrant and subcontract in excess of $25,000.



Applicant Name or Organization:
Texas State University

Individual Authorized to Sign for University:
W. Scott Erwin, Sr.
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Applicant Address and Contact Numbers:
601 University Drive, JCK 420
San Marcos, Texas 78666
Telephone: (512) 245-2102
FAX: (512) 245-1822

 Business Official or Financial Officer:
W. Scott Erwin, Sr.
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs




 Average fringe benefits consist of 7.65% FICA/Medicare, 7.25% Retirement, and 1.25% for Unemployment, Workers' Compensation and Lump Sum Vacation Pool. Average health benefits add an additional 11.85% bringing the total percentage for full-time faculty and staff to 28%.

Faculty and Staff (With Health Insurance) 28.00%
Faculty and Staff (Without Health Insurance) 16.15%
Graduate Students (With ERS Health Insurance) 17.00%
Graduate Students (Without ERS Health Insurance) 1.25%
Undergraduate Students (Unempl/Wrks Comp Only) 1.25%


ERS requires 90 day waiting period for graduate student. 


  Masters Grad Student Minimum Doctoral Grad Student Minimum
Year 1 (100% / 50% FTE) $2,190/$1,095 $3,088/$1,544
Year 2 (100% / 50% FTE) $2,245/$1,123 $3,088/$1,544
Year 3 (100% / 50% FTE) $2,313/$1,157 $3,088/$1,544

 Note: Graduate students limited to 50% employment while attending class

Undergratuate Hourly Rates, Effective 7/19/2009: $7.25/hr

Code # Grant Titles Minimum Maximum
1496 Grant Director, Non- $2,348 N/A
1495 Grant Coordinator $2,042 N/A
1494 Grant Specialist $1,972 N/A
7219 Grant Senior Secretary $2,348 $3,867
7218 Grant Secretary $2,042 $3,363
7221 Grant Technician $1,656 $2,727
7217 Grant Clerk $1,545 $2,543
7244 Grant Special Events $1,014 $1,673
COLLEGE/DEPARTMENT/CENTERS Pre-Award Contact Post-Award Contact
College of Applied Arts Joanne Palmer Michele Castro
McCoy College of Business Administration Kara Ulibarri Bette Taylor
College of Education Kara Ulibarri Gail May
College of Fine Arts and Communication Jacque Miles Gail May
College of Health Professions Kara Ulibarri Michele Castro
College of Liberal Arts Kara Ulibarri Gail May
College of Science and Engineering Joanne Palmer Bette Taylor
Dept of Biology Jacque Miles Bette Taylor
Dept of Mathematics Jacque Miles Bette Taylor
EARDC Joanne Palmer Bette Taylor
Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry Joanne Palmer Bette Taylor
Dept of Computer Science Jacque Miles Bette Taylor
Dept of Engineering & Technology Jacque Miles Bette Taylor
Dept of Physics Jacque Miles Bette Taylor
Ingram School of Engineering Jacque Miles Bette Taylor
Materials Science, Eng & Commercialization Jacque Miles Bette Taylor
Graduate College Kara Ulibarri Bette Taylor
University College Kara Ulibarri Bette Taylor
Office of Commercialization & Industry Relations Joanne Palmer Bette Taylor
Xophophorus Genetic Stock Ctr Joanne Palmer Michele Castro
River Systems Institute Joanne Palmer Michele Castro
Texas School Safety Center Joanne Palmer Michele Castro
Ctr of Children and Families Joanne Palmer Michele Castro
Alkek Library/Witliff Gallery Joanne Palmer Gail May
University Advancement Kay Beauchamp Gail May
Multicultural Student Affairs Jacque Miles Gail May
P-16 Initiatives Kara Ulibarri Gail May
All Other Kay Beauchamp Gail May
ARP Joanne Palmer/Jacque Miles Marivel Alvarez
Texas State Univ Rsch Fnd Kay Beauchamp Bette Taylor