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Step 1: Disclosure of Significant Financial Interests

You are about to submit a disclosure relating to Significant Financial Interests (SFI). The disclosure form will walk you through the regulatory definition of SFI.

Please note:

  • You are being asked to disclose any SFI that may relate to your overall institutional responsibilities, in addition to, but not solely to, a specific funder or funding opportunity.
  • The form consists of Yes/No questions only. At this time, you are not being asked for specific details.  If it is determined upon review that you have an SFI, Research Integrity and Compliance will contact you and request additional information.
  • All Texas State researchers conducting funded or unfunded research, initiating contracts, or engaging in any type of sponsored program activities are required to submit this disclosure.

You will be disclosing:

  • that you, and
  • your spouse and dependent children
  • DO, or
  • DO NOT

have Signficant Financial Interests

  • that are related to your overall institutional responsibilities, and
  • that meet or exceed the regulatory definition of SFI

You are required to submit only ONE disclosure annually — unless you acquire or discover a new SFI.

If you acquire or discover a new SFI, you are required to submit a new SFI Disclosure within 30 days. If you do not have any SFI and do not acquire or discover any new SFI, you should not submit another disclosure during this calendar year.

If you want to more information, specific definitions, or detailed policy and procedure guidance before completing your disclosure, the red link below will return you to the FCOI Resources section.

Public Health Service (PHS) Funding Status

You will be asked several questions regarding PHS funding. Before you indicate you are a PHS-funded Investigator or that you have recently received notice of PHS funding, please make sure you are correct. PHS funding is federal grant funding from any of the Public Health Service (PHS) awarding components within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

List of PHS funding components

If your funder is not on the list of PHS awarding components, please do not identify yourself as a PHS-awarded instructor or indicate you have received notice of PHS funding.

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