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Care and Use of Animals for Research and Instruction

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The Texas State Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is charged with overseeing and evaluating all aspects of the care and use of vertebrate animals for research or instructional purposes.

ALL use of vertebrate animals by Texas State University faculty, staff and students MUST be covered by a current protocol approval from the IACUC.

Using the Bobcat Online Protocol System

bobcat@charlesdenneler. Used with permission

The Bobcat Online Protocol (BOP) system integrates application submission, review, tracking, and communication in addition to providing researchers with secure permanent access to their approved protocols.

Access the Bobcat Online Protocol System

Quick Start Guide

Just the basics. This takes you through the six steps required to start and save a new protocol application.

Video Walk Throughs

HTML version

PDF version

Brief (most are less than one minute) video screenshot tutorials that focus on key aspects of starting, submitting, and managing a protocol in the system such as logging in, navigation, creating an application, accessing applications in process, using the messaging center, and checking protocol status.

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Do I need a special log in for this system?

No, you will use your regular Texas State Net ID and password.

I don't see the same form I used to have to complete. Am I in the right place?

Yes. The new system incorporates all of the questions from the previous forms but uses conditional branching. Depending on how they answer the initial questions —  type of project, source of animals used, etc.— the subsequent questions applicants are presented with will vary.

What are the advantages of this system over the previous one?

  • The new system keeps all the information and communication about the application securely in one central place permanently, so applicants, reviewers, and administrators can access it.
  • Applicants can log in to the system and track the progress of their application through the review process. All changes to the application are logged with a time and date stamp.
  • The new system allows applicants to upload documents directly into the application so permits, CITI training information, and other documentation no longer need to be emailed.
  • The system has direct access to the campus Exchange information, allowing applicants to add project personnel by Net ID or last name.
  • Applicants can work at their own pace, saving their information and logging in and out as needed until they submit the completed application.

How do I navigate from one section of the application to another?

Click on the section headings at the top of the page to move back and forth. The heading of the section you're currently is hightlighted in yellow. Sections you've previously visited are marked with a red diamond.

How will I know if I've skipped a question?

Required questions will be flagged in red by the system and must be completed before the application can be submitted.

What am I supposed to upload into the documents section?

Anything that's relevant to your application, such as CITI training certificate for project personnel, wildlife permits or licenses, MOUs with collaborating institutions, external protocols, etc.

I've answered all the questions. Now, how do I submit my application?

Click on the "Submit Protocol for Review" button. The status of the application will change from "In Progress" to "Submitted."

I've submitted my project but the start and end dates are wrong in the protocol summary. What happened?

The dates you entered are still there but the fields "Valid Start Date" and "Valid End Date" will display the date '1/1/1900' until the IACUC approves the project. This is because the IACUC may require modifications to the original project period. After approval, the "Valid Start Date" and "Valid End Date" fields will contain the dates approved by the IACUC.

How can I find out the status of my application?

There are two ways of tracking your application through the review and approval process:

  1. You'll receive automatic emails from every time the status changes.
  2. You can log into the system at any time, click on "View and Edit Existing Applications," then "Details," and have access to the Protocol Summary and Activity Log.

When you first start an application, the status will be "Submission in Progress." It will change to "Submitted" after you submit it, then to "In Review" when the committee is considering it. If changes are requested, the status will be "In Revision," then change to "Revision Received" after you edit and submit the requested changes. The final application status will be "Approved" or "Not Approved."

How do I print my application?

Log in, click on "View and Edit Existing Applications," then "Details," then "Preview & Print Application" from the top menu

I got an email from the IACUC asking me to revise my application. How do I do that?

Log in. You'll notice your application status has changed to "In Revision." That unlocks the application and allows you to make changes. Click on "View and Edit Existing Applications," then "Details," then "Edit Application" from the top menu. When you finish your revisions, click on "Submit Protocol for Review."